Health Food Innovation Management

Are you interested in developing new food and nutrition solutions to optimise health and prevent and treat disease? Would you like to know how a health food product goes from being just an idea to being launched in the market? And would you like to be involved in creating commercially viable foods that are both tasty and healthy? Then Health Food Innovation Management could be just the programme for you.

The programme focusses on the process of innovation in the food and beverage industry by integrating four key disciplines; in depth understanding of Nutrition and Health, Consumer Sciences, Business and Entrepeneurship and Food Law in the perspective of health food innovation will be taught. You will learn how you can use your background in health and nutrition to develop new, commercially viable, healthy food products. Once you complete this master's programme, you will have all the training you need to pursue a career in the food industry. Careers in consumers education, non-governmental organisations and in academic food, nutrition and health research will also be open to you. The study programme is taught at the Maastricht University satellite location Campus Venlo, with visits to international trade exhibitions and site visits to relevant companies integrated in the curriculum

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Pre-master Health Food Innovation Management

Interested in studying this master's programme, but do not yet meet the requirements? Consider pursuing our pre-master in Venlo!

  • Collaborate across fields and cultures to take calculated risks. Without it, there is no progress.
    Vincent van Buul, alumnus Health Food Innovation Management
  • I would like to raise awareness about sustainable food choices, through large organisations or by using social media
    Anouk van Weert (the Netherlands), Health Food Innovation Management
  • HFIM offers me the unique possibility to combine my interests in business management with health and nutrition
    Roxana De Sousa Garcia (Venezuela), Health Food Innovation Management
  • My dream is to join a start-up in food innovation and make it grow
    Ana Pereira (Portugal), Health Food Innovation Management
  • It’s not as if everyone in our programme only eats superfoods and oatmeal for breakfast
    Linde Rademakers, Health Food Innovation Management
  • I enjoyed the fact that the master programme in Venlo teaches students more than one discipline
    Michelle Weijzen (the Netherlands), Health Food Innovation Management
  • During my studies I learned to approach food related issues from a scientific point of view
    Karin Lenssen (The Netherlands), Health Food Innovation Management

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