When is UCM not the ideal bachelor’s programme for you?

When is UCM not the ideal bachelor’s programme for you?

At UCM, you have the freedom to pursue your own interests. With the support of our committed staff, you can choose from more than 150 different courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences to build an academic profile that helps you meet your future goals. Studying at UCM is your starting point to pursue a career in your field of interest, but it also provides you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons and receive a well-rounded education.

Though the options may seem unlimited, it is important to realise that some goals are not achievable with a UCM education. As a rule of thumb, discipline-specific goals are less likely to be reached with UCM. As an example, you can study law at UCM, but you cannot become a lawyer. Likewise, you can study psychology, but cannot become a psychologist. In case you have doubts whether you will be able to achieve your specific goal through UCM, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Academic Advising with your questions.

Interested in psychology?

Note that practicing psychology in the Netherlands requires a NIP registration (Belgium and Germany have similar requirements). A UCM bachelor does not make you eligible for this NIP registration. In other words, if you want to pursue a career as a psychologist note that UCM might not be the easiest route. If you want to become a psychologist, we suggest you apply for the bachelor’s programme in Psychology.

Practicing psychology in Anglo-Saxon countries does not require a NIP registration, but several certificates and work-experience in the field. Though this is not impossible, it is quite a detour to achieve this goal via UCM.

Interested in medical research?

With a science concentration and 90 ECTS of coursework in the Life Sciences, you will be eligible to apply to highly selective master’s programmes, like the four-year Medical Doctor-Clinical Researcher (A-KO) programme.

Please note that this is not a shortcut for people who are not selected for a bachelor’s programme in Medicine. Though it is possible to become a doctor via this route, it is a rather long diversion.

  • When is UCM not the ideal bachelor’s programme for you?

  • Interested in psychology?

  • Interested in medical research?