Maastricht Science Programme

Rankings & recognition

  • MSP is the #1 Natural Sciences bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands: Keuzegids

    MSP has been ranked as the #1 interdisciplinary natural sciences bachelor's programme in the Dutch University Guide: Keuzegids 2024 with a score of 81 points. 

    Here is how MSP scored in the areas that were evaluated:

    Keuzegids - Top rated programme
    Above national average National average Below national average
    Advancement to year 2 (+) Assessment (o)  
    Contents (+)      
    Career preparation (+)    
    Atmosphere (+)    
    Expert evaluation (4,5/5 stars)    

    The Keuzegids Universiteiten offers rankings of all bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands. These rankings are based on the results from the Dutch National Student Survey, combined with expert evaluations. The Keuzegids Universiteiten is published annually by the Dutch Higher Education Information Centre. It is an independent publication that allows you to compare all accredited bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands.

    Learn more by visiting the Keuzegids website (in Dutch)