Biobased Materials

Would you like to contribute to a sustainable planet and circular economy by creating new sustainable materials? Start a master’s in Biobased Materials.

Our planet is facing incredible challenges. Whole ecosystems are changing and collapsing because of the way we consume and the materials we use in our daily lives. The continuous use of fossil fuels and non-degradable materials is driving climate change at an accelerating rate. However, these challenges also offer tremendous opportunities to make our planet more sustainable and evolve as a society into a circular economy. With the master Biobased Materials, you can play a pioneering role in this green revolution. 

You’ll learn how biology provides the building blocks and processes to produce earth-friendly materials that are easily recycled after use, as part of a circular economy. We’ll teach you about advanced functional materials, and how we can develop these from biological resources. Our programme will prepare you for a fascinating career in the research, development, production, and application of earth-friendly materials made from various biological resources. 

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Biobased Materials - Programme presentation 2022

Students having fun together

Online Experience Day 25 May 2023

Join our Online Experience Day for a one-hour session. You will learn more about the programme content, our education method and the research done at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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  • I think the most struggling part of the journey is housing. Therefore, I would definitely advise others to start early on their search for an accommodation.
    Emese Szikszai, (Hungaria), Biobased Materials
  • I was drawn to this master’s program as it entailed tackling very urgent environmental and economic matters in a practical way.
    Megan Borg, (Malta), Biobased Materials
  • In Problem-Based Learning, we start with real-life problems, we ask ourselves what exactly the problems are, what we need to know before we can solve the problems, and finally, how we solve them.
    Andi Afif Naufaldi (Indonesia), Biobased Materials
  • The teaching and visiting staff are full of knowledge, expertise and willingness to help. Try asking them about their research
    Elias Francisco Garcia Verstraete (Spain), Biobased Materials
  • Chemistry is often associated with pollutants, but what if we can make things better?
    Chrysanthi Oikonomidi (Greece), Biobased Materials