Maastricht Science Programme

Are you interested in the natural sciences and want to look beyond the boundaries of a single discipline? Or do you want to focus on one discipline and become an expert in that specific field? The Maastricht Science Programme offers you the opportunity to explore the natural sciences and to build a unique academic profile based on your personal interests and ambitions. Every semester, your personal academic advisor guides you in selecting courses from fields as diverse as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, neuroscience and various interdisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering and entrepreneurship. You can focus on a single discipline, or you can combine multiple disciplines in a single degree. Why study sciences in Maastricht?

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Chanya Kreyßig en Giulia Albeniz de Rinaldis, studentenambassadeurs Maastricht Science Programme (MSP)

"Benieuwd naar de vrijheid om je favoriete wetenschappen te kiezen? Verken astronomie, regeneratieve geneeskunde, ecologie, anorganische chemie en meer via onze ervaringen als MSP-studentambassadeurs!"

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  • Working in the Brightlands labs gives a good indication of how scientific research is conducted and provides skills required for properly working in the lab after MSP.
    Lianne van den Broek (The Netherlands), Maastricht Science Programme
  • It's really exciting that MSP is a new programme, because you feel like you can still have an impact
    Verena Broich, Maastricht Science Programme
  • I was quite relieved that I found a programme that uses the benefits of an open curriculum in the Liberal Arts and Science manner.
    Philipp Gansen (Germany), Maastricht Science Programme
  • MSP best represents the extraordinary internationality of the Maastricht University student body.
    Isabella Barale (Italy), Maastricht Science Programme
  • I am really enjoying getting to experiment with subject choice and gain useful insight into so many fields in a way I think will help my future career through the interdisciplinary nature of science.
    Jasmijn Hofman (The Netherlands), Maastricht Science Programme
  • I was quite unsure of the direction I wanted to go into when starting MSP, but the RBL system helped me a lot!
    Veronique Hehl (Germany), Maastricht Science Programme

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