Imaging Engineering

Would you like to revolutionise how scientists view the world and everything in it? Start a master in Imaging Engineering!

Advanced imaging technologies act like powerful cameras. They reveal and sense what cannot be seen by the human eye in ever greater detail. That sharpens our understanding of our bodies and the world around us, driving scientific innovation.

Our programme turns science and engineering graduates into interdisciplinary imaging professionals, putting you on track for an exciting career in this growing field. Your future work could have a powerful impact in academia or industry - solving crimes, improving medical scans, developing self-driving cars, boosting green food production, and more. The MSc Imaging Engineering teaches you the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of high-end imaging research and instrumentation engineering.

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Study information events

Are you a prospective master's student? Then we are here to help! We understand that finding the right master's programme is important. That’s why we offer you several resources that will give you a feel of what it is like to study Imaging Engineering.

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Your future work could include:

  • understanding how a pharmaceutical compound interacts with a cell
  • viewing how different paint layers age at the molecular level
  • investigating whether a coating is applied homogeneously
  • visualizing and identifying diseases on crops
  • detecting impurities during the production of microchips and solar cells

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  • I wanted to learn biology and chemistry in order to apply some of the engineering principles I learnt. Maastricht University gave me the freedom to study this and explore such a fascinating field.
    Ishika Mahajan, (India), Imaging Engineering
  • I can specialize either as a well-equipped engineer in imaging techniques or as an outstanding scientist in the molecular interactions of these techniques.
    Stefanos Zoidis (Greece), Imaging Engineering
  • Few institutions have such cutting-edge imaging instrumentation - and even fewer provide extensive hands-on learning with these high-end instruments.
    Dr. Ian Anthony, Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS), M4i, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

M4i virtual tour

M4i virtual tourThe programme is run by the Faculty of Science and Engineering in collaboration with the world-leading M4i-institute.

Watch the video and join on a tour of M4i’s advanced facilities.

The M4i imaging MS laboratories - a virtual tour by Prof. Ron Heeren