Computer Science

Computers are everywhere. They can already do a lot: computers paved the way for things like the internet, climate change simulations, video games, and personalized healthcare. At the same time, we still face many challenges that need better computers. That’s why computer scientists continue to push the limits of what these systems can do. 

As a computer scientist, you think of clever new ways to optimize the performance of all sorts of computers. The bachelor’s programme in Computer Science teaches you how to achieve that through software. We prepare you for a career as for example software developer, security specialist, app developer, high-performance computing specialist, and more.

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About Computer Science

Where would we be without computers? If you immediately think about how much you use your laptop or your smartphone, you’re right: personal computers play a massive role in our lives. However, there are plenty of other examples. If you checked the weather forecast, hopped on a train, watched tv, or read about a research breakthrough – a computer was involved somewhere.

Most of us rely on computers, but computers themselves rely on computer scientists. After all, someone needs to write the instructions that tell computers what to do. These step-by-step instructions are contained within software: the collection of applications, programs, and scripts that run on a computer.

About this programme

The bachelor’s programme in Computer Science teaches you the ins and outs of software. Whether it’s a supercomputer used for scientific research, computers in everyday objects like cars, watches and fridges, or your gaming console: you will learn how to make it run as smooth as possible.

There are many different ways to achieve this. Should the software run more efficiently? Does it need to be more secure, more accessible, or easier to use? You can find the tools to answer these questions in the many different fields of Computer Science. Our curriculum is designed to let you gradually discover your interests within this broad field and to develop your employability skills.

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Software and hardware

All physical components of a computer are part of a category called hardware. This includes keyboards, graphics cards, processors and other tangible components. The opposite of hardware is software: the various kinds of programs that run on computers. Operating systems like Windows and Android, applications like Powerpoint and internet browsers, but also the drivers that control individual hardware components are examples of software.

How software can make a difference

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