Study Computer Science: discover your passion

Reason #1

Discover your passion

There are many ways to improve the performance of computers. Our curriculum focuses on software development. We introduce you to current topics like high-performance computing, affective computing, embedded programming, quantum computing, human-computer interaction, and others.

Is this your first time seeing those phrases? No need to worry: we designed our curriculum to help you gradually discover your interests and talents. We start from the basics, after which you get plenty of freedom to explore your newly discovered preferences along the way.

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Study Computer Science: train professional skills

Reason #2

Train professional skills with project-centred learning

Being a computer scientist involves more than just knowing your way around software. You will need various other skills during your career. These include working in a team, making documentation, planning, and presenting your work. We ensure that you practice these skills from the get-go. We also provide you with meaning and context to the things you learn.

We do all this via project-centred learning. This teaching method involves elaborate group projects, where you take what you learn during the courses and apply it to a real-life challenge. In practice, you and 5 other students tackle one big group project per semester. The goal? Deliver a functional product. You work on this project alongside your courses. You have weekly meetings with a tutor, who coaches you on the project itself and on things like group dynamics. Skill trainings such as presentation classes further contribute to your success during the projects and, importantly, during your career.

Study Computer Science: benefit from our extensive experience

Reason #3

Benefit from our extensive experience…

You will learn from lecturers of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences. This department has over 30 years of experience with Computer Science research and education, and has an equally lengthy track record in project-centred learning.

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Computer Science

Reason #4

…and from the experience of your international peers

Did you know that Maastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands? Approximately 70% of students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering come from abroad. Our international classroom will introduce you to a wide range of perspectives and prepare you for a career in a highly international field.

You will become part of the lively student community at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences. This includes a membership of dedicated study association MSV Incognito and activities like the annual department barbecue for staff and students.

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Study Computer Science: extra opportunities and challenges

Reason #5

The sky is the limit

If you find yourself looking for extra challenges and opportunities, you can apply for the KE@Work honours track. KE@Work takes place during the second and third year of the bachelor's programme.

During this time, you spend on average 20 hours a week with a local business or organization. You tackle a Computer Science challenge under supervision of a lecturer and someone from the company you work at. With real work comes real experience, but also real money: KE@Work students receive a monthly stipend.

  • Reason #1

    Discover your passion

  • Reason #2

    Train professional skills with project-centred learning

  • Reason #3

    Benefit from our extensive experience…

  • Reason #4

    …and from the experience of your international peers

  • Reason #5

    The sky is the limit