Alexia Georis (Belgium), University College Venlo
Since I am passionate about nutrition, I chose University College Venlo, where nutrition is a big topic.

Before she decided to study at Maastricht University, Alexia already knew the university because her sister studied there as well. “Since I am passionate about nutrition, I chose University College Venlo, where nutrition is a big topic. In addition, I chose this study because I appreciate the problem-based learning approach Maastricht University offers. Your professors here do not tell you how many grammes of protein a human needs to consume on a daily basis; instead, they ask you why your body requires that amount of protein. This forces you to think about the subject."

For Alexia, understanding nutrition is synonymous with living a healthy lifestyle. "If you understand nutrition, you understand how to take care of your body. I'm frequently astounded by how food-selling companies take advantage of people who do not understand nutrition."

Alexia lived in Venlo for two years. “During my first year, I lived on campus in one of the apartments on the top floor of the university building. This allowed me to quickly meet my fellow students and make new friends. Studying in such a close-knit community encourages students to help one another, and because of the small-scale community, your professors can assist you as much as possible.”

Alexia recently moved to Maastricht, where she is finishing her bachelor's degree. "Getting to Venlo by train is simple; it takes just under an hour. This may seem long to some people who are not used to travelling, but for others an hour of travel is short and close."

After graduating from UCV, she plans to pursue a master's degree in nutrition. For now, she is undecided between Copenhagen, Gent, and Maastricht.

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