European Public Affairs

Would you like to understand the European dimensions of governance? Do you hope to be a policymaker, tackling transnational problems and implementing transnational solutions? Or would you like to find new ways as a public affairs professional or lobbyist to get your issues on the agenda and influence policymakers? If you have the interest and the motivation, we can offer you the knowledge and the skills to succeed. 


The master's programme in European Public Affairs provides advanced professional training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of European policy-making. You will learn to think in European terms and will gain practical experience working in international teams to solve European policy problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. This will prepare you for an excellent career in European public affairs and public service.

Caitlin Reed, Student Ambassador European Public Affairs 2023-2024

Why Caitlin chose this programme:
“I did my bachelor in European Studies in Maastricht. During that time, I also did an internship at the European Parliament. This is when I realised that I have a strong interest in policymaking and how this is influenced and shaped by lobbying. This master’s programme offers me a theoretical and practical approach to public affairs together with another possibility for an internship in the fourth period.

Honestly, I was looking to go to Amsterdam or Leiden. However, along the way, I have met a lot of European Public Affairs alumni. Some of them work for the European Parliament, in other institutions or in the corporate world. They were all so enthusiastic about the opportunities the programme offers. After some research, it became clear that Maastricht is the right place for me for this next step.”

What she hopes to get out of this programme:
“This programme focusses on European governance, lobbying and policy making. I personally hope to learn more about the lobbying process. It is often associated with negative influence, like for example the tobacco industry or big pharma. However, to me it really is about trying to bring in expert knowledge into policymaking. I believe it is a crucial part of the democratic process.


Caitlin Reed, EPA

“The European Public Affairs master’s programme and its praxis-oriented approach helps me to become a critical thinker. It prepares me to navigate the complexities of EU policymaking and procedures.”

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