Alora Brown (Belgium), Maastricht Science Programme
I chose to study at Maastricht University based on the university’s international reputation as one of the leading young universities.

“I chose to study at Maastricht University because of its international reputation as one of the leading young universities as well as its central location. I really like Maastricht as a city and enjoy meeting people from all over the world," says Alora Brown. Studying at Maastricht University in small groups of fellow students makes meeting new people easy. “I have made great friends here through my tutorial groups.”

I have been enjoying my programme since the beginning and will continue to do so. The teaching method (PBL) was new to me, but it has transformed my learning style, and I now feel like I am actively learning new concepts rather than simply memorising them. I like the fact that I can design my own curriculum and only specialise in subjects that interest me. These areas of interest are primarily in the field of life sciences, including microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, and endocrinology.” Despite her clear preference for life sciences, Alora has yet to choose a master's programme. "Between graduating and starting my next degree, I first want to travel," she said.

Other testimonials

  • Emma Small
    Emma Small (the Netherlands), Maastricht Science Programme
    As someone who learns by speaking and listening rather than from books, PBL matches my learning style and helps me pick up knowledge quicker.
  • Lianne van den Broek (The Netherlands), Maastricht Science Programme
    Working in the Brightlands labs gives a good indication of how scientific research is conducted and provides skills required for properly working in the lab after MSP.
  • maastricht_science programme verena testimonial.png
    Verena Broich, Maastricht Science Programme
    It's really exciting that MSP is a new programme, because you feel like you can still have an impact
  • Philipp Gansen
    Philipp Gansen (Germany), Maastricht Science Programme
    I was quite relieved that I found a programme that uses the benefits of an open curriculum in the Liberal Arts and Science manner.
  • Isabella Barale
    Isabella Barale (Italy), Maastricht Science Programme
    MSP best represents the extraordinary internationality of the Maastricht University student body.
  • Jasmijn Hofman (The Netherlands), Maastricht Science Programme
    I am really enjoying getting to experiment with subject choice and gain useful insight into so many fields in a way I think will help my future career through the interdisciplinary nature of science.
  • Veronique Hehl (Germany), Maastricht Science Programme
    I was quite unsure of the direction I wanted to go into when starting MSP, but the RBL system helped me a lot!