European Studies (Research)

Do you want to broaden your knowledge of European politics and policies in a programme that combines the study of political science with international relations, history and sociology? Are you ambitious, with a keen motivation to pursue a career that requires strong research competences, such as in a think tank or in academia, or jobs in politics and journalism? And are you interested in being part of a small, close-knit community of students and researchers? If so, the two-year interdisciplinary European Studies programme is the right choice for you.

  • Choose a study specialisation (year 1): Europe and the World / Governance and Representation in Europe / Historicising European Union.
  • Choose a graduation package (year 2): Double Degree / Study Abroad / Research Internship.​

Unique features

  • A small, close-knit community of students and researchers (average intake 12-15 students)
  • Over 90% international students
  • Awarded 'Top Rated Programme' label (Keuzegids 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Top-rated faculty (Keuzegids 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Scholarships are available towards tuition, maintenance, study abroad and internships

Download the programme flyer or contact the programme director Anna Herranz-Surrallés:

More information about graduation packages can be found on the "Courses & Curriculum" page.

Eleonora Pizzini, Student Ambassador Research Master European Studies

Why Eleonora decided to choose this research master’s programme:
“I decided on this research master’s programme because Maastricht University has a great reputation, especially for European Studies. What really drew me in was the small, student-centred environment, and the flexibility to shape my own academic journey. Plus, there are so many extra activities, seminars, and opportunities to explore. In the second year, you can even opt for a double degree, an internship, or an Erasmus exchange.”

Why she chose to study in Maastricht:
“Maastricht was an obvious choice for me. It's not just one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands; it's also incredibly diverse and international. Every day, you can hear people speaking a multitude of languages on the streets. It's a city that practically breathes international vibes.”


Eleonora Pizzini

"The Research Master equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to cultivate your own expertise in EU-related domains, bridging the study of political science with that of history, democracy and international relations."

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