Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets

Are you fascinated by how emerging markets, such as those of the BRIC countries, work? Do you want the extra challenge of conducting sustainable business across borders and in a multi-cultural environment? Do you look forward to operating in rapidly changing economies? If so, the master’s programme in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets could be right for you. In addition to acquiring knowledge of the specific opportunities and challenges related to emerging economies, you’ll develop the professional skills needed for an international career in economics, business or policymaking, with a strong emphasis on emerging markets.

The master’s programme in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets is offered in cooperation between the UM School of Business and Economics and the United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT).

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MSc Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets

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Alex Pothaar - SBE graduate

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"The master's in economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets program was a pivotal experience in my academic journey. The blend of problem-based and self-driven learning methods not only deepened my understanding of economics in emerging markets but also effectively prepared me for the complexities of the job market. The program's immersive and hands-on approach was both challenging and rewarding, setting a solid foundation for my career." 

Name: Alex Pothaar
Company: Ministry of Finance, Luxembourg 
Position: Intern, Sustainable Finance Department  

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