Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education

The master's programme in Arts and Culture focuses on culture in the making. Culture can refer to the products of intellectual and artistic creativity, such as scholarly and literary texts or works of art. It also indicates the cultural practices that shape the everyday life of people, and is expressed in their individual tastes and forms of associating with one another. Finally, culture is at the heart of the processes through which people explicate and contest ethical, aesthetic, and political meanings and values.

The specialisation Arts and Heritage, Policy, Management and Education, which you can choose to follow in English or Dutch, examines the concepts of ‘arts’ and ‘heritage’ as expressions of both past and present culture. You will develop insights into how the meanings, values and usages of art and heritage have transformed throughout modern history. You will also develop the knowledge and skills set needed to critically assess and contribute to the accessibility, diversity, authenticity and sustainability of current and future arts and heritage practices. You will investigate current challenges and opportunities in the field of arts and heritage suchs as decolonialism, the changing role of experts and expert knowledge, public participation, financialisation and digitalisation from an interdisciplinarity approach.

Instead of choosing the English taught specialisation Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education, it is also possible to choose the Dutch specialisation Kunst en Erfgoed where you follow several courses in Dutch and write your essays and master’s thesis in Dutch. In the programme Kunst en Erfgoed, the Dutch context is emphasized and placed within a larger international framework. For more information on the Dutch specialisation, please check the specialisation website.

Other specialisations in this master's programme:

Pavlina Papageorgiou, Student Ambassador Arts and Heritage 2023-2024

Why Pavlina decided to choose this programme:
“I chose this Master's programme because it's a natural continuation of my bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University. This one-year master's in Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management, and Education builds upon my previous studies and combines my interests in art, history, public policy, and institutional management. It allows me to explore how cultural experiences are curated and organised. Maastricht is an ideal location for this pursuit, situated in the heart of Europe and being a culturally significant city.”

Why she chose this master programme in Maastricht:
“Maastricht, as well as my programme, offers a European setting characterised by multiculturalism, diverse perspectives, and interactions. I appreciate the international environment as it exposes me to various backgrounds, unlike the relatively homogenous nature of Greek education what I was used to! Being immersed in this diverse and student-centred environment allows me to continuously learn and experience new things.”



Pavlina Papageorgiou

“The city of Maastricht boasts strong European ties, including it being the hometown of the Maastricht Treaty and proximity to Brussels, making you feel connected to significant conversations. That makes Maastricht a unique student city in the Netherlands.”

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Pre-master's programme

If you do not satisfy the admission requirements of this Master's programme you may be able to enrol in a Pre-master's course year. Check out the Pre-master information and learn more about the programme, the courses and the requirements.

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