Scholarships for a FREE language course Dutch, German or French

Are you a UM student with proficiency in Dutch, German or French but would like to have additional training before entering the (EU) regional Dutch, German or French-speaking labour market? Than this is THE opportunity for you!

Employers consider language skills as one of the most important skills for future graduates. There is an increasing demand for bi-lingual professionals in border regions to develop border trade.  Mastering Dutch, German or French creates business and other opportunities in Dutch, German or French speaking countries, your own country and elsewhere. It helps improve your performance for an employer with international connections.

For that reason Maastricht University (UM) now offers a limited amount of scholarships for an Advanced Dutch (B2 or C1minus), or a German & French (B2 or B2plus) language course. If you meet the requirements, and if you are selected for a scholarship, the course fee will be reimbursed within one month after completion of the course.


This scholarship opportunity for a FREE advanced Dutch, German or French Language course is part of a UM policy to enlarge the career opportunities for UM graduates in / or beyond the (EU) region. Join us for a 14-week in-class Dutch, German or French language proficiency training at B2 or B2+ or for Dutch C1minus level at the UM Language Centre. 

Please note:

There are plenty of Scholarships available, so all students who are eligible will receive an email with further details, once the course has started.

'Following this course also felt that you are doing yourself a favor. It was just the piece of knowledge that was lacking in my German language skills. And I think it is Wunderschön that the university wanted to help by offering the scholarship.'

Anne-Louise van Leeuwen | student at FASoS

Application procedure and requirements

Students at UM who wish to qualify for one of the free Dutch (B2 or C1minus), French or German (B2 or B2+) scholarships must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum B1 or B2 level in the target language is required. (Please see below for the requirements per course.) This can be proven by a language certificate or a compulsory intake test.


  • Detail your motivation (between 150-200 words) in the target language stating why you want to follow the course and in what way this course will contribute to your employability and professional development;
  • Make sure you have 80% attendance during the course, (you are allowed to miss 2 classes; 3 if you hand in an extra assignment);
  • Complete the evaluation forms provided at the end of the course to assess the impact of the courses on your employment perspectives.
  • In case you are selected and have fulfilled all three criteria (letter of motivation, 80% attendance and filling in an evaluation form), the course fee will be reimbursed within one month after the end of the course.


You have to register for the course to apply for the scholarship. You can register via our online registration form. Please include your student number when registering and select the correct course:

  • NL-B2: Dutch B2, required prior knowledge B2minus or B1 for German speakers.

  • NL-C1minus: Dutch C1-, required prior knowledge B2


  • DE-B2: German B2, required prior knowledge B1
  • DE-B2plus: German B2+, required prior knowledge B2
  • FR-B2: French B2, required prior knowledge B1
  • FR-B2plus: French B2+, required prior knowledge B2

If you do not have a required prior language certificate from a previous course or you believe your level has advanced since then please take the online intake test to verify that your prior knowledge is sufficient for the course you want to follow.

Further information regarding the scholarship procedure will be provided in the registration confirmation email that you will receive after registering online.

Our general terms and conditions apply to this course.

More information about the course

To find out more about these courses and their schedules please go to our DutchGerman or French course page.