Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Rankings & recognition

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a #1 'Artificial Intelligence' bachelor's programme in the Netherlands

    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has been ranked as a #1 'Artificial Programme' bachelor's programme in the Dutch University Guide: Keuzegids 2023 with a score of 60 points.

    Here is how Data Science and Artificial Intelligence scored in the areas that were evaluated:

    Above national average National average Below national average
    Career preparation (++) Contents (o)  
    Expert evaluation (3/5 stars) Atmosphere (o)    
      Advancement to year 2 (o)  
      Assessment (o)  

    The Keuzegids Universiteiten offers rankings of all bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands. These rankings are based on the results from the Dutch National Student Survey, combined with expert evaluations. The Keuzegids Universiteiten is published annually by the Dutch Higher Education Information Centre. It is an independent publication that allows you to compare all accredited bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands.

    Learn more by visiting the Keuzegids website (in Dutch)   

  • Silver education awards for KE@Work: Best University-Employer Partnership and discipline award Engineering & IT

    In 2018, over 1150 innovative projects from 39 countries competed for the Reimagine Education awards. Department of Advanced Computing Sciences honours track KE@Work took home two silver awards: one in the category ‘Best University-Employer Partnership’ and the discipline award for ‘Engineering & IT’.

    Reimagine Education Awards 2018

    KE@Work selects the best students of the bachelor’s programme in Data Science and Knowledge Engineering. They are matched with companies, where they work on AI challenges alongside their studies for two years. An academic mentor safeguards the quality of the project. Meanwhile, students obtain work experience and business skills not normally taught in universities. For the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, KE@Work provides a valuable source of feedback to ensure that the content of their curriculum matches the demands of the labour market. The partnerships with local businesses – roughly 40 to date, including companies such as APG, Mediaan, VodafoneZiggo and Q-Park – also stimulate contract research within the organization.

    KE@Work started in 2014 as a way of stimulating talented students and establishing partnerships with local businesses. Professor Frank Thuijsman, initiator of the project: “We wanted to offer students a unique and challenging experience, which helps them participate in the labour market while simultaneously keeping them engaged with their studies.”