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Advanced Master in Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Management

This advanced master's programme offers tomorrow’s leaders a future-proof methodology to perform in the challenging global field of privacy, cybersecurity and data management. The two-year parttime programme offers an ambitious curriculum that bridges the intersection between law, technology, ethics, governance and management. You will gain deep knowledge of the legal and technological aspects of EU and global data protection and cybersecurity issues, a sound ethical and business understanding of data usage practices, combined with a broader skillset comprising management and leadership skills, communication skills and related soft skills.

Upon successfully completing the programme, you will be a key driver in enhancing trust in a global digital economy and society by applying a competent and ethical approach to the processing of personal data.

The registration deadline for the Advanced Master in Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Management is (up to and including) 1 June 2024, 23:59 CET

This programme, building on the pillars Privacy, Cybersecurity and Datamanagement, is unique and tailormade for professionals in these fields. Why are datamanagement leaders considered the ultimate 'product' of this programme? What do students say? Find out in this video.

Advanced master in Privacy, Cybersecurity, Datamagement and Leadership (PCDL)

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