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This month-long summer programme is designed for students from Xavier University. The programme provides students with an opportunity to travel and study in Europe and gain international business skills and exposure. 

Great Summer in Maastricht

Students take an Intercultural Communication course organised by CES and a course offered by Xavier’s own Resident Director. In addition, students visit one of the main European Institutions in Brussels, like the European Parliament and one major European company like the pharmaceutical giant Bayer in Germany.

Students are accompanied by a Resident Director from their own University or College who teaches one of the mandatory classes and guides the students throughout their stay in Maastricht with practical and academic advice.

Learn how to do business in Europe

The programme offers students the opportunity to learn about the different facets of Europe and the European Union. Classes focus on business and intercultural skills and includes site visits to one major European company, as well as one of the main European institutions in Brussels such as the European Parliament.

Students enroll in two courses. The Intercultural Communication (ICC) course is taught by CES faculty. This course is designed to make students aware of the variety of cultural values and help them compare their own cultural background with that of various European cultures. The second course has a distinct international business flavour and is taught by Xavier University faculty members. Each course is worth 3 credits, so students can earn 6 credits by participating in this programme.

Travel Europe

Exploring Europe is a big part of the programme. During your time off you will have plenty of opportunity to experience different countries and cultures. The programme offers you three-day weekends, giving you a total of 10 full days to discover Europe on your own. Maastricht is located in the heart of Europe and is conveniently surrounded by no less than seven airports, which makes it easy to catch a low-cost flight to any major destination.

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