Tailor-made language course, individual or in a group

A tailor-made course is an intensive and effective method, designed to meet your personal wishes and objectives. You prefer face-to-face lessons accompanied by supervised independent study and individual guidance. Together with the teacher, you design your own content, course duration and place.

The course is given in the academic environment of Maastricht University, providing you with the focus and ease necessary for such an intensive learning process. Tailor-made courses can be taken on your own, along with a small group or an entire organisation.

VIP: Very Intensive and Personalised Course

Each course lasts five days and consists of 20 hours of total study time. You can opt to follow individual classes or you can form your own group of two to four participants. The course consist of face-to-face classes combined with supervised self-study hours and individual guidance.

After having attended a class, you can practice your new skills during an hour of self-study. While you are expected to work on assignments independently, the teacher will be available to give you individual guidance when necessary. All of the options include communication assignments, which integrate reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, to enable as much interaction as possible.


We now also offer the VIP (Very Intensive Personalised) course online, learning on your computer, wherever you want. You can learn the language of your choice through a varied and effective method.


  UM students and Staff All other participants
VIP € 2.400 € 2.600

Details VIP Face to face and online: 

  • Five days continuously or as discussed with your teacher;
  • 3 hour lesson, 1 hour selfstudy with guidance of the teacher, 4 hour selfstudy at home per day:
  • Cost for a complete VIP course  does not include teaching materials, exam and certificate; in consultation it is possible to share a VIP course with others. (1-4 participants)
  • Program in consultation.

Would you like to know more about a VIP course and the possibilities for you? Please send us an email: your-language-course@maastrichtuniversity.nl. If you would like to meet us for an intake please send an e-mail to languages-intake-NL (for Dutch requests) or languages-intake-EN (for English requests) to make an appointment.

“I'm a scientist at the university and I recently became a member of a council where the discussions take place in Dutch. That made it important to get to a good level fairly quickly. I began with a daily VIP course, which was a very efficient way to learn. With individual tuition, my teachers were able to adjust how much time we spent on different topics and skills depending on how I was progressing. This meant it was always challenging, but I was never left behind. The benefits were obvious-- I can participate more fully in my work life and I feel more connected to my community too.”

Vanessa LaPointe – University Scientist MERLN

Individual Coaching

For whom? You already have knowledge of the language and you use it regularly. Nevertheless, you would like to improve specific language skills that are required to function in daily work situations or to complete your education with success.

How does it work? During the session, the teacher discusses with you the assignments you have contributed and prepared yourself. You receive direct feedback, verbally and/or in writing.

Choose on of the three options. You can choose between 4, 6 or 8 hours of coaching, based on what you discussed as needs with your language coach during an intake interview.



UM students, Staff and UM Alumni All other participants  
4-hours  € 515 € 600  
6-hours  € 775

€ 900

8-hours € 1.030 € 1.200  

Would you like to know more about individual coaching and the possibilities for you? Please send us an email: your-language-course@maastrichtuniversity.nl.  In case you would like to meet us for an intake? You can send an e-mail to languages-intake-NL (for Dutch requests) or languages-intake-EN (for English requests) to make an appointment.

Life @UM - Studeren in Maastricht - carrousel 5

Students studying in café Tribunal, Tongersestraat Maastricht

English at Work is a new short course created by UM Language Centre aimed at professionals who would like to become more confident in communicating in English in an international workplace.

Intercultural Competence Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a certain awareness of cultural differences and how to deal with them in a practical and interactive way. It is not only about language but also about non-verbal communication such as attitude and behavior. After the workshop, participants can immediately put the various do's and don't into practise.


During an extensive intake meeting, the teacher will advise you on which study option and what study material best suit you. We will also take into account your wishes, your background and your profession. Together with your teacher, you will determine the content of the training and the start date.

To make an appointment for an intake meeting or request more information please contact us via your-language-course@maastrichtuniversity.nl.