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Biomedical Sciences

From gene to health. Explore the clinical and biomedical challenges, starting from a molecular level.

Are you curious, creative and determined to solve biomedical challenges? Are you fascinated about the fundamentals of biomedicine and do you dream to be a scientist, work in a clinic or be an entrepreneur? Then the master's in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) might be exactly what you are looking for. Through a mix of theoretical courses, practical training sessions and a one-year internship, you’ll explore the relationship between human beings and their environment, from molecule, to gene, to cell and organ, to individual and to entire populations. You’ll learn how new scientific knowledge is obtained in basic and applied research areas, and how these insights can be used to benefit patients. Upon graduation you’ll be able to pursue a career as a researcher studying diseases and treatments in both academia and industry.

If you have any questions for a current student Biomedical Sciences. Follow the Instagram account of our student ambassadors. There is one student ambassador for each of the six specialisations within Biomedical Sciences.

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Are you interested in a master's programme at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences? Join our online Q&A session and discover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. 

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Choosing your bachelor's or master's programme can be a challenge. And a big step, as it is a choice that effects your future. So who better to help you with your choice than a current student? Contact one of our student ambassadors, they are happy to help you on your path.

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