Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research)

The 2-year research Master CAST (Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology) is a broad, interdisciplinary programme that starts from the claim that studying the roles of the arts, science and technology is indispensable for understanding modern cultures. Today’s societal issues and challenges, such as the COVID-crisis and climate change, are deeply intertwined with developments in arts, science and technology. Furthermore, there are interesting similarities between the three domains. Both arts, science and technology “imagine” our culture’s future, and are considered as innovative, creative practices. Moreover, it is possible to study the arts, science and technology in similar ways, as practices of modern culture. These practices are imbued with meanings, values, materialities and skills. In sum, CAST studies:

  • the roles of arts, science, and technology in modern culture, including their similarities and differences
  • the interactions between and intersections of arts, science and technology
  • arts, science and technology as practices of modern culture

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Pia-Zoe Hahne, Student Ambassador Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology

“I have a passion for art and philosophy and want to understand how these two aspects relate to the development of science and technology. I think it’s important for society to realise that technology is not something we should be afraid of or that that passively affects us, but that there is a relationship between us and technology. We have a part in its development, and I want to further understand how we interact with science and technology.

During the first year we had courses in different disciplines such as art history and philosophy or science and technology studies. During the second year we get to do a research internship. Personally, I would like to do in-depth, qualitative research, conducting conceptual analysis, or analysing artworks to see how media interacts with technology.

After this master’s programme, we have different options, from becoming a curator in a museum or going into journalism, to staying in academia and pursuing a PhD position, which is where my ambition is now. I think about a teaching career because I like the interaction with students and mutually sharing information brings new perspectives.

I chose Maastricht since I like the interdisciplinary approach that Maastricht University offers. Additionally, I wanted to study in an international environment and gain a deeper insight into the research process.”

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Pia-Zoe Hahne, Student Ambassador research master CAST 2021-2022

“After this master’s programme we have many options, from becoming museum curators or journalists to pursuing a career in academia.”

Before starting her research master’s at Maastricht University, Pia-Zoe finished a bachelor’s programme in Arts and Culture at the same university.

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