Italian booster course

This Italian course aims to boost the Italian language level you have. 

A course with 4, one-to-one sessions with your tutor. The sessions are designed not only to boost your knowledge of Italian but also to motivate you to engage with the Italian language through interesting and relevant topics. The one-to-one online sessions (via Zoom) ensure fast and effective improvement.

'This course is another highlight of the Italian curriculum. I enjoyed the process of creative development for my presentations very much. The preparation and speaking practice helped me to improve my Italian speaking capabilities to the next level. In addition, I made new insights into Italian culture - literature, politics, music etc. Highly receommendable and 'piacevole'!!

Barbara Mauch-Maier

This is a one-to-one course. In case you are interested in a group course please see Italian language course for more information.


This course is the right choice for me if...

  • I have successfully completed a previous course, but I do not feel confident enough to participate in the next level;
  • I want to refresh my language skills after a long period of inactivity and then decide how to proceed;
  • I do not want to forget what I have learned until now before the next course starts.


Costs per course:

  • UM students: € 215  
  • All other participants: € 245

What do you reach with this course?

LC italian booster course
  • Improve and put into practise the language skills you already have (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary);
  • Enlarge your vocabulary and better understand the grammar;
  • Train your fluency and your communication skills while speaking;
  • Boost your language skills through motivating and creative activities.

How does the course work?


4 one-to-one Zoom sessions with your tutor (you choose the pace of the sessions yourself). In each session you give a 20/25 minutes presentation in the goal language, using a technique based on the association of ideas and research on the internet. Your tutor interacts with you by asking questions and giving you feedback in the last 5/10 minutes.

How do the sessions work?

Share your PowerPoint and give your presentation; the tutor interacts with you by asking questions.

During your presentation, the tutor takes note of any language problems to be discussed and corrected together during the last 5-10 minutes of the session, such as grammar, structures and (new) vocabulary.

Curious to see an example? Click here for an example on beginner level! Click here for an example on intermediate/ advanced level.


How do you prepare your presentation?

  • Choose a word you like as a starting point for your research;
  • Enter your chosen word into your search engine and find information about this first word;
  • The internet will automatically offer you other possibilities, there you should choose search results closest to your own interests;
  • Collect images, read the explanations, or listen to audio/video tracks until you have enough material to fill a PowerPoint presentation, almost entirely made of images, with few texts;
  • Rehearse your oral presentation until you can fluently perform it within the given time, without reading it;
  • Send your presentation to the tutor 24 hours before the session to receive feedback on language and structure.

Registration and intake

Would you like to meet us for an intake and receive more information? Please send an email to Laura Capitani to make an appointment free of charge. The appointment will take place via Zoom.

Costs per course:

  • UM students: € 215  
  • All other participants: € 245