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Every two years, Washington & Lee University sends students to Maastricht under the supervision of professor Dr. Erich Uffelman for a very special programme for chemistry students looking at a career in arts restoration. This short but very intensive programme includes a field trip focused on Dutch Arts (17th century Masters) and restoration, during which the students visit conservation labs, museums and various other institutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Science in Art programme

The "Science in Art: Technical Examination of 17th Century Dutch Paintings" programme is a unique study abroad opportunity for Washington & Lee University students with an interest in the arts. The programme is organised by Chemistry professor Dr. Erich Uffelman in cooperation with CES. It takes place every two years.

Unique Combination of Chemistry and Art

The programme pairs a twelve-week chemistry course at W&L with a four week art (history) course in the Netherlands, thereby giving students the scientific and technical background to link scientific analysis to the art and culture of 17th century Dutch art (history).

Rare hands-on experiences and exceptional field trips

The programme includes an actual two-day restauration workshop, inspiring guest lectures and week long study trip to major museums in the Netherlands, Belgium and/or Germany with unique 'behind-the-scenes' visits to leading conservation laboratories and research institutes. Meet one of the main researchers at the Conservation Lab of the Dutch National Museum ('Rijksmuseum') and visit the state-of-the art research facilities of FOM Institute AMOLF where scientists perform cutting-edge research on paintings on the molecular and sub-molecular level.

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