Leadership & Management in a Global World

Governments and companies are confronted with issues such as an increasing speed of innovation, cultural diversity, and stricter regulations on CO2 emissions. These issues are the result of a world of rapidly changing technological, political, economic, and environmental developments. Who do we trust to guide us through these issues and crises such as the current pandemic?

This programme is only available for CISaustralia students.

The Leadership and Management in a Global World programme is designed for CISaustralia students who want to learn more about leadership and change in both a global and a business context. Over the course of three weeks in July, students will combine academics and integrated study and field trips to understand, among others, what leadership means in one’s personal life and in general, why leadership is an often missing but necessary element in business practice, how male and female leadership styles differ, and that leadership is part of a relationship between people in a community in which feelings of fear and trust play a role.

During the programme, students are confronted with current important issues and crises with the aim of developing knowledge and improving leadership skills to deal with these issues and crises in a creative way. Aside from discussing examples of leadership that have changed the rules of the game (such as Al Gore who tries to create awareness of the impact of climate change), students are also invited to share and discuss their personal experiences with leadership and leadership issues.

Programme dates:

  • Summer 2022:
    1 - 23 July 2022


In order to take part in the programme, students need to have a basic knowledge of business administration, organisation, strategy and finance. In addition, an interest in organisational strategy, change, psychology and global developments is recommended.

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