Forensic Psychology

The Forensic Psychology programme gives you the opportunity to learn the applications of psychology associated with the legal system along with issues and problems that arise when psychology is applied. In this course, you will take part in classes and field trips that cover the most important topics within the field of Forensic Psychology.

The programme contains four main themes and incorporates lectures, tutorials, case studies, experiments and discussions. The first topic is eyewitness memory which includes eyewitness identification and children’s false memories. The second topic is interviewing and interrogation; during which you’ll learn about police interrogation techniques, deception detection and false confessions. Cognitive biases in the legal context is the third topic where you will explore interpretation and the reliability of forensic evidence as well as the role of biases in expert’s decisions. As the final (fourth) topic, you will learn about the association of mental illness and crime – more specifically the psychopathic mind, the psychology of sex offenders and the effect of sex offender registration laws.

Programme dates:

  • Summer 2023:
    23 June - 14 July 2023


Have you been studying Law, Psychology or Criminology? Then you’re welcome to apply to the Forensic Psychology programme. Law students will be required to complete a series of pre-readings before the programme commences in order to be familiarised with the fundamental themes and concepts of Psychology. For the greater benefit of the students partaking in this programme, CISaustralia will endeavour to form an even mix of students across these three disciplines.

Multiple academics qualified in the field have been selected to help you gain an immense amount of knowledge in a short time span. In addition, there will be guest speakers, including one during the first topic, where students will delve into deceptions and detections - a major influence in Forensic Psychology eyewitness memory.

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