Baylor Semester

For over 20 years, Baylor University students have been coming to the Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University (UM) for a semester of unforgettable study and travel. An ancient saying suggests that it is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books. The Baylor in Maastricht programme is designed to offer a unique combination of both these important aspects of a college education, giving Baylor students the opportunity to earn credits abroad and explore Europe at the same time.

As a group semester abroad programme, Baylor in Maastricht creates a unique community atmosphere. Participants travel with other Baylor students, a graduate assistant, and a Baylor faculty member. It's no wonder that this is one of the most popular study abroad programmes at Baylor.

Baylor Spring

This is a three-month programme during which students will be enrolled at Maastricht University, one of the best universities in the Netherlands. By choosing two Baylor courses and two CES courses, students will have the opportunity to study with the best Baylor professors as well as with highly acclaimed Dutch professors (all classes are taught in English). CES courses approach topics from a unique local point of view, such as 'Dutch Art History'. All credits transfer back as 'resident credit hours' so even seniors can apply.

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Baylor Business in Maastricht

This full semester programme is ideal for Hankamer School of Business students. Students will take one or two courses taught by Baylor faculty, one or two courses taught by a CES professor and one course from the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University, which is part of the 1% of Business Schools worldwide that has triple crown accreditation.

Travel Europe!

Students can take advantage of the weekends to further explore the Netherlands, or accessing major city centres in Western Europe, such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, and Rome. At the end of the term, students have the opportunity to travel independently.


Kyra van Leendert

International relations officer 
Monday - Friday

+ 31 43 388 5289