Mark Winands, Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences
In this programme, you will not only talk about AI, but you will 'do' AI!

"The Artificial Intelligence master's programme focuses on the technical aspects of AI, such that you are able to build systems that use AI. In this programme, you will not only talk about AI, but you will 'do' AI! The Data Science for Decision Making master's programme sits on the crossroads of Data Science, Applied Mathematics/Operations Research and AI, taking full advantage of cross-fertilization between these domains. Its transdisciplinary nature will enable you to approach and solve hard problems in an innovative way."

Other testimonials

  • Wiebke Hennig
    Wiebke Hennig (Germany), Artificial Intelligence
    Thanks to the unique structure of the master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence, I experienced a very focused, motivated, and dynamic environment.
  • Female student outside
    Ajkel Mino, Artificial Intelligence
    The department is very international, my classmates literally come from all over the world!
  • Smiling woman
    Katharina Schneider, Lecturer, Artificial Intelligence lecturer
    You learn skills needed in your future career...
  • Male student typing on laptop
    Frederik Calsius, Artificial Intelligence
    My favorite thing about this programme is the broad range of topics that are being taught.
  • Simona Vychytilova
    Simona Vychytilova (Australia), Artificial Intelligence
    Maastricht is a great international student city so there is always something to do. Everything is reachable by bike making for a great energetic city.
  • Meike Thijsen (The Netherlands), Artificial Intelligence
    I like Project Centred Learning. It teaches you a lot, even though it is definitely not easy.
  • Christopher_Wittinger_ MA_Artificial Intelligence
    Christopher Wittlinger, Artificial Intelligence
    You can always drop in to ask the teachers questions; you’re usually on a first-name basis, which makes it that much easier