Thijs Van Loo (Netherlands), Systems Biology
To me, Problem-Based Learning is about learning and understanding problems together with your classmates, while having guidance from your teachers. This forced me to think more about course materials allowing me to understand better.

How is your student life?

During the Master’s especially, it has been quite busy, but I still manage to find balance in my life by doing things I enjoy outside of my studies. My student life has been very pleasant and varied, it is also very easy to meet a lot of people in Maastricht. I enjoyed meeting people from very different places.

How did you find housing?

I got quite lucky being able to take my sisters old room twice, first when she moved within Maastricht and again when she left.

What are your plans after graduating?

Very good question, I wish I knew myself. It might be doing a PhD, but I have not yet figured out for sure if this is something for me. Otherwise, I guess it will be just searching for a job. At least, the difficulty lies in finding what I want to do, not where I can get a job as that part seems to not be too hard.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Hopefully I’m doing research or work that makes me feel like I can contribute something to this world. Most likely in computation neuroscience or ecology, but who knows what the future holds for me.

Other testimonials

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    Sebastián Ayala Ruano (Ecuador), Systems Biology
    The Systems Biology master’s programme is the perfect combination of the research fields I am interested in (Biology, Math, and Computer Science)
  • Liam Glueck
    Liam Glueck (Ireland) Systems Biology
    Throughout my bachelor’s Biomedical Sciences in Maastricht, I developed a strong interest in the intersection of biomedical science and mathematics, hence Systems Biology was the perfect choice to challenge myself within both domains.
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    Iga Skorupska (Poland) Systems Biology
    I chose Systems Biology as it combined my interests – biology and computer science and therefore, Systems Biology seemed like the best of both worlds.
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    Paula Casademunt Porte (Spain), Systems Biology
    Coming from a large city, Barcelona, it was quite a big change when I first came to Maastricht. However, since it is a student city, there is always something to do. Especially during the warmer months, there are loads of events, concerts, activities.
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    Rosan Olsman (The Netherlands), Systems Biology
    I chose the Systems Biology master at Maastricht University because of the application of systems biology approaches especially for human health.
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    Caroline Collins (Scotland), Systems Biology
    Learning with others is a beautiful experience