Jana Totzek | Psychopathology | Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Jana’s extra mile in health: “Conducting Borderline Personality Disorder Research”

Why Jana chose Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience / Psychopathology

Studying at Maastricht University (UM) is a personalised, life enriching experience that prepares you for the future, both professionally and personally. Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes are designed for students who have an intrinsic curiosity in human behaviour and health. Students ‘who want to go the extra mile’ on a professional and/or personal level. What’s your extra mile?

Jana, 23, is from Germany and decided to stay in Maastricht for the 2-year Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience / Psychopathology. “I did my bachelor’s in Psychology, here at Maastricht University and always knew I wanted to do a research master’s programme. I’m especially interested in treatments for mental disorders.”

Jana’s extra mile in health: “Conducting Borderline Personality Disorder Research”

“This programme focuses on mental disorders in general and treatments options. I also looked at similar programmes elsewhere, but nothing could compare to the contents of this programme. One of the things I like in this programme is the international setting. You learn a lot from each other. Interviewing patients, for example, can be quite different in other cultures, so it is nice to get fine-tuned towards cultural differences already. And I love the beauty and size of Maastricht. During my bachelor I spent a semester in Seoul where it takes forever to cross the city. Here, in Maastricht, everything is within easy biking distance.

I’m particularly interested in the behavioural approach to mental disorders. Treatments options are still quite limited and often very generic. More research is therefore needed. Besides conducting research I would also love to work as a clinical therapist, combining research and practice. After my degree I want to apply for a PhD position, followed by clinical training. My goal is to work in an international research group that focuses on Borderline Personality Disorder. That is my preferred field of interest.

In accordance with that, I chose the extra mile of “conducting Borderline Personality Disorder research” already. Getting one step closer to my future goals!