Shari (Danish/English/Dutch), Work, Health and Career
I want to educate people about a great work-life balance, to prevent stress and burn-out

Studying at Maastricht University (UM) is a personalised, life enriching experience that prepares you for the future, both professionally as personally. Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes are designed for students who have an intrinsic curiosity in human behaviour and health. Students ‘who want to go the extra mile’ on a professional and/or personal level. What’s your extra mile?

"During my bachelor’s in Liberal Arts & Science, I specialised in psychology and neuroscience. I became interested in organisational psychology. I wanted to know which psychosocial and external factors play a role in organisations. Why some people stay healthy and productive and others don’t. I could have chosen a master’s in Organisational Psychology, but I was interested in learning about business strategies, too. The master’s programme in Work, Health and Career is unique because it has that business component as well. You learn about the impact of stress, workload, what intervention strategies you can use.

​I want to work as a health counsellor or organisational psychologist at a company or organisation, educating people about a healthy work-life balance. But also helping organisations reduce sickness absence and create the right circumstances for people to remain passionate about their work.

So far, I’m really happy with my choice. We have lots of workshops and skills training and we also learn to do qualitative research by conducting interviews. You are constantly improving yourself and everything is very interactive.

It’s a small group of students, all from different backgrounds. It’s a personal challenge to show the best version of yourself, contribute to the discussion with the knowledge and experience you have. At the same time, you are learning from your fellow students’ perspective.

The Problem-Based Learning method, the international approach and the unique contents of the programme were the deciding factors to stay in Maastricht after my bachelor’s to do this master’s programme.”

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Other testimonials

  • Iris, student ambassador for the master's in Work, Health and Career at Maastricht University
    Iris (the Netherlands), Work, Health and Career
    There is still a lot to be gained when it comes to advising companies how to make the healthiest choices the most attractive
  • Bruna, student ambassador for the master's in Work, Health and Career
    Bruna Rinaldi (Brazil), Work, Health and Career
    This programme is so unique, I was willing to uproot my entire life to come here
  • Elke_Breugelmans_master_work_health_and_career_fhml
    Elke Breugelmans (the Netherlands), Work, Health and Career
    Reducing absenteeism by advising on how to create a healthier and happier workplace for their employees; that's my goal
  • Annemarijn Glasbergen_MA_Work Health Career
    Annemarijn Glasbergen, Work, Health and Career
    In my work I give advice on how to keep employees healthy and more aware of their lifestyle. My work is related to this master.