Keet van den Heuvel (the Netherlands), Human Movement Sciences
It’s help. It’s rehabilitation, it feels good. It’s not about disabilities, it’s our abilities that count

Choosing a master’s programme is about finding your personal goals and ambitions. At Maastricht University (UM), we want to help you find those goals and achieve them. That’s what we call the MasterChallenge.

Keet is from the Netherlands and chose to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme in Human Movement Sciences - specialisation Health and Rehabilitation. “During my bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, with a major in Human Movement Sciences and a minor in Sport and Exercise Sciences, I knew this was going to be something for me! But which specialisation should I chose?

Next to my study, I was a fanatic race rower and I was constantly focusing on the top sport part. At that time, I was already working on nutrition and sports (interesting!), mainly because of the focus on performance and the weight category I was in. Nevertheless, during my final internship for my bachelor’s degree, at rehabilitation centre Adelante, my interest in the rehabilitation field started to grow. I discovered that there was so much more than focussing on performance and nutrition. I discovered that I can help people so much by improving the rehabilitation care. Additionally, I experienced doing more practical research, and seeing direct results and happy children instead of working in a laboratory. So I chose for the specialisation Health and Rehabilitation because I found that the job opportunities were more interesting, and I could be more helpful to people with for example diseases or disabilities. Furthermore, my interest is now more in helping people and trying to have an added value for patient’s rehabilitation. In this field I hope to work with or for children, athletes or young adults.

This master fits me well. Practical sessions are very diverse and related to the topic of the courses. And education is small-scale because of the different specialisations and Problem-Based Learning (PBL); this makes it all more personal. You work closely together on projects, resulting in a close-knit and helpful group. There is room for developing your own interests into and next to the master’s programme. For your internship you are free to choose a topic that fits you best. This is your moment where you can fully adjust the topic to your own interest! In addition, Maastricht is just a really nice city where you can feel at home very quickly!"

Keet's fellow student Lucas posts weekly on Facebook about his experiences during the master's programme and his life in Maastricht. Together, they are happy to answer your questions about the programme and about (student) life in Maastricht.

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