Rodolpho Feijó (Brazil), Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development
I hope to connect the world in a better way

“This programme provides you with concrete tools and knowledge to work on real problems of today’s world, such as inequality, lack of education and environmental issues. Public Policy is not about extinguishing a fire with a bit of water.

The staff and students in the programme truly embody the spirit of human development. They are immersed in the problem, understand the complexity and are willing to dedicate themselves to finding the solutions. UNU-MERIT prepares you to be a policy analyst in different fields. The specialisation track ‘Multilevel Governance and Regional Integration’ really interests me.

I believe we can use communication platforms to bring people closer, promoting a better integration of communities and countries. That is my aim. As policy analyst working in the public information sector, I will be able to prioritise information that people can use to their benefit. An efficient information policy is fundamental for promoting the changes that society needs.
In Latin America, for example, we need more cooperation between the different countries. Maybe I can also help to build multilateral relations between Latin America and Europe. I don’t call myself ambitious. I think I have aspirations and I see possibilities. I try to build the infrastructure and the possibilities to achieve my dreams. I think big, but I know it’s about realising small steps at a time. I hope to connect the world in a better way. 

I initiated a Facebook group, ‘Plant care Maastricht’, where students can exchange plants. I saw how students in Maastricht didn’t know what to do with their plants during holidays, so I posted on Facebook that they could bring them to me. And the problem appeared to be wider spread. Now the plants don’t get abandoned anymore, but it’s also about bringing people together. Plants are not personal belongings, in my opinion. We don’t own a plant, we can share them. At the moment my house is full of plants, some palm trees as well. But it’s a big house and my flatmates help me. I live with two German students, one girl from Ecuador and a girl from Eindhoven. 
One day I would like to return to Brazil and apply the knowledge I acquired here. I want to be of use in my home country.”

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