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Data Science for Decision Making

Do you like coming up with elegant solutions for complex problems? Do you find it challenging to extract patterns from large sets of data? Then you should consider getting a master’s in Data Science for Decision Making. In today’s world, many companies and organisations collect all sorts of data. They aim to extract useful information from it, to recognise patterns and anomalies. Data Science for Decision Making provides the mathematical tools to model and handle these datasets. It has widespread applications in business and engineering, ranging from scheduling customer service agents and optimising supply chains, to modelling biological processes and extracting meaningful components from brain signals. Upon graduation, you'll therefore have excellent qualifications to pursue a career as a data scientist, researcher or manager in many different industries.

Starting September 2023, we offer a specialisation in Quantum Computing. Data Science for Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence will be the only master’s programmes in these fields that offer this particular specialisation in the Netherlands.

This programme is taught by the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences.

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Ayse Arslan Aaron Schapira, student ambassadors Data Science for Decision Making @um_dsdm

Student ambassadors offer you a glimpse into their everyday life as students, from attending classes and working on exciting projects to enjoying campus life. This gives you a sense of what it's like to be a student in this programme.

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Are you a prospective master's student? Then we are here to help! We understand that finding the right master's programme is important. That’s why we offer you several resources that will give you a feel of what it is like to study Data Science for Decision Making.

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  • The decision to continue my studies in Maastricht was obvious because I love both the city and the university. Additionally, I have a strong affinity for Maastricht University's project-based learning approach.
    Aaron Schapira (Belgium) Data Science For Decision Making
  • I love living in Maastricht. The people are warm and friendly. As a member of one of the student associations, I truly enjoy the city's student life. In my spare time, I sail with the sailing association, climb, and read about new developments in data science and artificial intelligence.
    Arthur Goffinet (Belgium), Data Science For Decision Making
  • It was the excellent education that put this programme at the top of my list
    Paul Disbeschl, Data Science for Decision Making
  • For a lot of us, internship and thesis are a springboard to getting a job post-graduation. I was also attracted by the Project Centered Learning approach for a similar reason to that of the internship and thesis: I learn a lot through practice, and the more hands-on experience, the better!
    Bianca Massacci, (Italy), Data Science for Decision Making
  • In this programme, you will not only talk about AI, but you will 'do' AI!
    Mark Winands, Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences
  • Maastricht is such a vibrant student city. Students are everywhere! There are also so many bars and pubs that there is a cosy place for everyone
    Kristian van Kuijk (France), Data Science for Decision Making
  • The Department of Advanced Computing Sciences of Maastricht University has been doing research since 1987; surely 35 years ago not many people knew what Artificial Intelligence was. The experience of this department is why I came to study my bachelor’s in the first place.
    Carlos Soto Garcia-Delgado (Spain), Data Science for Decision Making
  • I see myself working in research, using my cultural background to integrate teams working all around the globe. Investigating state-of-the-art techniques and methods to help solve problems that we might not even know exist yet.
    Sree Showrya Kotala, (Qatar), Data Science for Decision Making
  • We do lots of brain storming, write some code or set up some math. We get regular advice from the project supervisor. Sometimes the advice is very helpful. Other times it is not helpful.
    Tim Dick (Germany), Data Science for Decision Making
  • I’m surprised by the recentness of the knowledge that I gained
    Marc Pont, Data Science for Decision Making
  • A very nice place in my faculty is the Swarmlab, where you get access to equipment you don’t usually have
    Christos Thomas, Data Science for Decision Making