European Studies

What is Europe and how do we define it? How has history shaped our current understanding of the continent? How has European integration changed Europe? In the bachelor's programme in European Studies, you will work with your fellow students to develop answers to these complex questions. You will explore Europe and European integration using insights and methods from history, political science, international relations, law, economics, philosophy, and sociology. This programme trains you to become a critical thinker who can understand, analyse and explain complex current problems at the European level from various disciplinary perspectives. You can use this expertise to work in European institutions, public administration, management and consultancy.

Kato Degrave, Student Ambassador European Studies

Kato comes from Belgium and is currently in her third year of European Studies.

Why Kato chose the bachelor’s programme in European Studies:
“I chose to study European Studies at Maastricht University because of the multidisciplinary aspect of the programme. I love that we can get a taste of different topics from European law to economics and international relations. The wide variety of courses was appealing because I was not ready to make a more specific choice. I am convinced that this approach will help me to select an interesting master’s programme in the future, which will allow me to work in the field of sustainable development or global leadership. 

The other reason to choose this programme at Maastricht University is the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) system. I have always preferred working independently and the PBL system allows me to work on my own while still interacting with my peers. This has helped me to be even more engaged in the study programme.

What I particularly like about the city of Maastricht is that I get to meet a lot of international students. This city has a lot to offer, but at the same time its centre is sufficiently compact to run into my friends all the time.”

Kato Degrave, Student ambassador BA European Studies 2021-2022

‘The multidisciplinary aspect of the programme allows us to get a taste of different topics.’

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