European Law School

The European Law School bachelor brings together students from around the world to learn about legal issues through a comparative and European perspective, examining them beyond the solutions of a single legal system. In this programme, you will compare and evaluate the choices made by lawmakers' in various legal systems, and exame how international law, EU law, and national legal systems interact. Additionally, you will explore how societal factors impact laws, delving into global issues like sustainability, migration, security, and technology.

Rather than adopting a national legal mindset, you will collaborate with your peers to gain a nuanced understanding of the law in a national, Europeanand international context. This global, collaborative environment is essential to our distinctive learning approach, enabling our students to  develop into European jurists who can contribute a unique legal perspective to address complex problems in an ever-changing world.

In our problem-based learning (PBL) method, you will work in small-scale tutorial groups of up to 15 students under the guidance of an experienced tutor.  Our tutorials are structured around in-depth discussions in which  you and your peers actively exchange ideas, debate and explore solutions to core legal problems during each tutorial. This process fosters the development of self-discipline, argumentation and communication skills.

The programme will prepare you to work as a legal professional at a national, regional and international level, both in the private and public sector. However, please note that the European Law School bachelor's degree does not automatically qualify you to become a lawyer, public prosecutor, or judge. These are regulated professions and require further study and training in the law of a specific country after finishing your European Law School bachelor degree.


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New-B programme

If you are admitted to the bachelor European Law School, the New-B programme helps you prepare for the classes and become familiar with legal terminology and traditions before the beginning of the academic year. You will feel confident and ready when classes start. Read more >>

Do Your Future Justice

Europe is at a crossroads. It is in dire need for highly engaged young people with knowledge of the legal systems of different European countries and the ability to work as a legal professional at a regional, national and international level.

Do you want to do your future justice? Studying law in Maastricht is a step in the right direction!

Do Your Future Justice

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Honours programme

The Faculty of Law offers an honours programme to students who demonstrate the potential to excel in their studies. The  programme is an extracurricular programme comprising 25 ECTS over a two-year period. It combines project work and a personal leadership track.

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